[ti:Young People Solve the World’s Problems at Google Science Fair] [by:www.sp636.com] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.01]When 16-year-old Celestine Wenardy learned that diabetes was a "silent killer" in her home country of Indonesia, [00:11.77]she wanted to find an easy way for people to test their blood sugar levels. [00:19.99]People with diabetes usually take a few drops of their own blood to measure the sugar levels. [00:29.41]The Indonesian teenager came up with an idea of using heat on a person's skin for the test. [00:39.89]She explains how the test works. [00:43.30]"So this looks like there is no light passing through, but actually if you covered it up, there is light that passes through your skin." [00:49.66]Discussing her work, she told VOA: "I need to make sure it's absolutely accurate, because people's health is in your hands." [01:03.46]After one failure, the 16-year-old then entered her project in the Google Science Fair. [01:12.53]She ended up winning the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award. [01:18.57]Celestine Wenardy is part of 20 teams of students competing this week. [01:27.33]The teenagers are from 14 countries. [01:31.46]They brought with them new ideas for solving problems in health, the environment and sustainability. [01:42.12]Daniel Kazantsev from Russia is another student at the science fair. [01:50.15]He wanted to help people with a physical disability or those recovering from an injury. [01:59.30]His project uses sensors to measure arm and hand movements, such as sign language. [02:08.59]The sensors turn the measurements into actual speech. [02:14.02]His project won the LEGO Education Award. [02:19.38]Students from Saudi Arabia developed an exoskeleton glove for an injured hand. [02:28.30]The device helps teach the hand how to move. [02:33.32]Tuan Dolmen from Turkey wanted to harvest energy produced from the movement of tree branches. [02:43.95]He said that energy can then be used by farmers to power devices in the field to measure air quality. [02:55.82]The project was awarded the Scientific American Innovator Award. [03:02.67]"I'm a bit shocked, actually," he said about the award. "I feel really proud that someone has appreciated my work. It has been a pleasure, and it has been an honor." [03:21.38]The winner of the Google Grand Prize, which comes with $50,000, was Fionn Ferreira from Ireland. [03:33.69]He created a new method to remove microplastics from the water using magnets. [03:43.37]"I live in the middle of nowhere, so I had to build everything myself. If I wanted to test my things, I'd have to build a spectrometer or I'd have to build a microscope... [03:51.32]It was enjoyable to do everything from my very limited resources from where I live." [03:56.40]The judges commented that Ferreira's project represented the spirit of exploration. [04:05.81]I'm Anne Ball. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 我要操