[ti:Two Mass Shootings in 24 Hours, 29 Dead in US] [by:www.sp636.com] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:02.24]Two mass shootings in less than 24 hours left at least twenty-nine people dead in the United States Sunday. [00:12.56]The shootings happened in El Paso, a Texas city along the Mexico border and Dayton, a city in the state of Ohio 2500 kilometers northeast. [00:27.08]At about 10:40 a.m. Saturday morning, officials said, a gunman walked into a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas and began shooting. [00:39.16]Hundreds of people were in the store. [00:42.60]Many were buying back-to-school clothes and supplies for their children. [00:47.84]Police said twenty people were killed and 26 were wounded in the violence. [00:54.64]Among those killed was Jordan Anchondo who died while trying to protect her 2-month-old son from bullets. [01:04.36]Police arrested the shooting suspect at the attack site. [01:08.84]He is identified as Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old man from Allen, Texas, a city about 10 hours from El Paso. [01:19.92]Officials are investigating whether he is connected to an online document denouncing the Hispanic population in the U.S. and immigrants, generally. [01:32.48]The U.S. Census estimated the border city of El Paso has a population of 682,000. [01:41.92]More than 80 percent of the people in El Paso identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino. [01:50.40]El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles expressed his anger on a Facebook post. [01:57.52]He wrote, "This Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics. I'm outraged and you should be too." [02:06.48]John Bash is the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. [02:12.64]On Sunday, Bash said the Justice Department is treating the shooting as a case of domestic terrorism. [02:20.84]He added the department is "seriously considering" bringing federal hate crime charges against the suspect in the El Paso shooting. [02:31.56]The charges could carry a death penalty. [02:35.28]While Americans were still following the news of the killings in El Paso, another gunman attacked at about 1:00 a.m. Sunday in Dayton, Ohio. [02:48.20]The man wore body armor, carried extra bullets and opened fire in a socially busy area described as "a safe part of downtown." [02:59.92]Nine people were shot to death and 16 were wounded. [03:04.96]Police killed the man within a minute of the gunman's first shot. [03:10.40]A witness told the Associated Press that the gunfire was "rapid" and "people were just falling." [03:18.00]Officials said the shooter was Connor Betts, a 24-year-old white man. [03:24.64]They said his 22-year-old sister, Megan, was the youngest to die in the attack. [03:31.24]The oldest was 57. [03:34.52]Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley praised the police for their quick reaction. [03:40.12]Otherwise, she said, "hundreds of people in the Oregon District could be dead today." [03:47.60]A week ago, another gunman killed three people and wounded 13 others at a public celebration in Gilroy, California. [03:57.48]The U.S. Justice Department defines mass killing as an event in which three or more people are killed. [04:05.68]The New York Times reports 32 mass killings in the United States so far for 2019. [04:14.40]U.S. President Donald Trump called the shooting in El Paso "an act of cowardice." [04:21.32]He wrote on Twitter, "I know that I stand with everyone in this Country to condemn today's hateful act. [04:30.72]There are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people...." [04:37.28]Democrats, however, were quick to blame the president for the violence. [04:43.08]Beto O'Rourke, a Democratic Party presidential candidate from El Paso, blamed Trump's recent attack and comments on people of color for the violence. [04:56.96]"He is encouraging this. He doesn't just tolerate it; he encourages it," O'Rourke told CNN. [05:05.24]Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney later told ABC News that Trump was "saddened by this and he's angry about it." [05:16.48]"These are sick people," Mulvaney added. [05:19.56]"And we need to figure out what we can do to make sure this doesn't happen again." [05:26.08]I'm Jill Robbins. [05:29.16]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 我要操