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          A jury in Los Angeles found that Katy Perry's 2013 popular song "Dark Horse" had copied a 2009 Christian rap song by a little-known artist.
          洛杉磯一家陪審團裁決凱蒂·佩里(水果姐)2013年的流行歌曲《Dark Hourse》抄襲了一位不知名藝術家于2009年創作的基督教饒舌歌曲。

          The decision came five years after Marcus Gray and two songwriters first brought legal action against Perry and her team. They said that "Dark Horse" stole from "Joyful Noise," a song Gray released under the stage name Flame.
          這一裁決是在馬庫斯·格雷和兩位詞曲作者首次對佩里及其團隊提起法律訴訟5年之后作出的。他們稱《Dark Hourse》剽竊了《Joyful Noise》,這是格雷用藝名Flame發布的一首歌曲。

          "Dark Horse" spent four weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 and earned a Grammy nomination for Perry. She also performed the song during her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show.
          《Dark Hourse》在美國公告牌百強單曲榜的榜首呆了4周,并為佩蒂贏得了一次格萊美獎提名。她在2015年超級碗中場秀還演唱了這首歌曲。

          The jurors found that all of the defendants - six songwriters and four companies that released the song "Dark Horse" – were responsible for breaking copyright rules. A defendant is the person or company that is being accused of wrongdoing in court.
          陪審團裁決包括《Dark Hourse》的6名詞曲作者和4家發行公司都要對侵犯版權負責。被告是指在法庭上被指控犯有不法行為的個人或公司。

          Audio comparison

          Gray's lawyers argued that the beat and instrumental line, or musical patterns, in "Dark Horse" were similar to that of "Joyful Noise." Gray wrote the song with Emanuel Lambert and Chike Ojukwu.
          格雷的律師認為,《Dark Hourse》中的節拍跟《Joyful Noise》雷同。格雷跟伊曼紐爾·蘭伯特以及希克·奧朱古共同創作了這首歌曲。

          Perry's musical expert told the jury that the musical patterns in the dispute were as simple as the 19th-century song "Mary Had a Little Lamb." The song is commonly sung to get children to sleep.

          Her lawyers compared the patterns to "the alphabet of music that should be available to everyone." They argued if they were to be copyrighted, it would hurt music and all songwriters.

          The jury of six women and three men disagreed. They thought that the beat and instrument line at the center of "Joyful Noise" were original enough to be copyrighted.
          由6名女性和3名男性組成的陪審團對此不認同。他們認為《Joyful Noise》的主要音樂節拍的原創性足以受到版權保護。

          Perry and her team of songwriters also said that none of them had heard Gray's song or even heard of him before the lawsuit. They also said they did not listen to Christian music.

          However, Gray's lawyers showed that Perry and her songwriters could have heard the song. "Joyful Noise" has millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify and was included on an album that was nominated for a Grammy award. Gray's team also pointed out that Perry started her career singing Christian music.
          然而,格雷的律師表明,佩里和她的詞曲團隊可能聽過這首歌。《Joyful Noise》在Youtube和Spotify上有數百萬播放量,還被收入在一首獲得格萊美獎提名的專輯當中。格雷的團隊還指出,佩里的職業生涯就始于基督教音樂。

          The jury will now have to decide how much money Katy Perry and other defendants owe Marcus Gray and his team for violating copyright rules.

          I'm John Russell.